Saturday 20 April 2019

Cisco Roadshow 2017 in Greece, Cyprus and Malta 

The local office of Cisco along with the support of its partners in Malta, Cyprus and Greece will organise the Cisco Roadshow 2017 which will be held on January 26th, February 2nd and February 7th respectively. The Roadshow on “Reimagine your business” will cover the basic architectures of Cisco while it will focus on the way in which technologies and corporate solutions can help businesses to find answers towards the challenges of the digital era.

Cisco’s executives will present the most recent company’s news on issues concerning Security, Data Centre, Networks and Collaboration solutions. Furthermore, participants will have the opportunity to be informed of Cisco’s solutions applied in Greek companies of several sectors and of each architecture.

For further information about Cisco Roadshow 2017, please Roadshow’s sponsors in Malta are:
Grand: Logicom Solutions
Gold: Computime Technology, ICT Solutions, Logicom Distribution

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