Thursday 15 November 2018

Blood Wedding

A young girl wakes up on her wedding day to an eligible, good man.

But despite being paired off with the village catch the bride still harbours a secret love and a passionate, if destructive, attraction towards her past lover Leonardo Felix whose family murdered the father and brother of her new husband. Things become even more complicated when on the morning of her wedding Leonardo herself turns up and declares his own undying love for her and asks her to rethink her impending marriage vows.

The bride is left in a quandry and despite her best intentions there is very little she can do to avoid what has been unavoidable all along. Federico Garcia Lorca’s classic tale of passion is dangerous, fast paced and ultimately a story about the yearnings of the heart which can never be commanded. Performed on the Manoel Theatre stage on May 10-11-12 this production boasts a cast of who’s who in Maltese theatre as well as group of up and coming young actors and is directed by the theatre’s own drama consultant Simone Spiteri.

Music for the production is composed by local popular alternative folk band Stalko and set design by Pierre Portelli.


Josette Ciappara, Chris Galea, Dave Persiva, Ruth Borg, Ninette Micallef, Chantelle Micallef Grimaud, Veronica Stivala, Marie Keiser-Nielsen, Maia Buttigieg, Toni Attard, Marta Vella, Joseph Zammit, Karl Cassar, Charles Sammut, Pia Zammit and Lizzie Eldridge

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