Wednesday 20 March 2019

London art exhibit: Tiers of Truths

There is no truth. There is only perception.”Gustave Flaubert


Scene 1

The big stupid smile said it all. He was dressed like a clown, acted like a clown and most of all he felt a clown. His life was one big tragic farce. The big stupid smile said it all but his eyes told a different story. A story of pain, rejection and betrayal. Yet he had to put on a brave face, put on that big stupid smile and act. Ridi Pagliaccio, Ridi! Laugh clown, Laugh!

Scene 2

It was 2:42pm. This is not the time for their lunch break for sure. They should be at work. Yet, there they were, still wearing their safety hats and fluorescent bibs, joking, laughing, drinking, smoking and celebrating. But what were they celebrating? Would Big Brother approve?

 Scene 3

He was definitely no Al Pacino. Yet he was the real thing, a man of authority, a leader, a commander. Blind yes but without doubt he knew where he was going, forcing his way through the crowd with that helpless guy trying to catch up. For a moment I thought he was sniffing the air, searching for a scent.

How many times have you been caught in the middle of a scene that reminded you of a film you saw, a book you read or a song you heard? How many of the books  that you’ve read, the films you’ve seen or the songs you’ve heard have influenced the way you interpret life? Real life inspires us to create what we call art and in return, the art we create, the stories, the books, the songs, the paintings etc., all shape our own interpretation of life.  Reality inspires us to create fiction and fiction alters our reading of reality.

‘Tiers of Truths’ is a collection of artworks inspired by real life events; scenes the artist has witnessed and experienced. The subjects, the people and the backgrounds are all taken from everyday life in London, Valletta, Essen and elsewhere. These scenes, these moments in time, are also a reminder of someone else’s creation, art that has influenced the artist’s own reading of life. Each and every painting represents one such moment, where fiction and reality overlap, creating a visual anecdote reflecting a multi-layered truth. Like a theatre, the canvas becomes a converging point.  The script, the actors and the kaleidoscope of personal truths that both the artist and the audience bring, intertwine to be the starting point of a new dialogue.

The Exhibition will be held at the The Framers Gallery, Windmill Str., w1t 2jt, London, UK and will be open from the 1st to the 13th of October 2012. For more information please visit

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