Monday 24 September 2018

A cocktail competition for all

Cocktail competitions pop up all the time and are usually aimed at cocktail bar tenders. It is actually quite rare to find a competition open to all but P. Cutajar & Co. Ltd has done exactly this with its forthcoming first ever P.Cutajar Open Cocktail competition set to take place on May 15th. This competition is not exclusive to cocktail bar tenders but is open to all bar tenders so no matter if you work in a small little bar tucked away in a side street or one of the more commercial venues in Paceville or even if you are a newcomer to the bartending world, you are welcome to enter this competition alongside the cocktail bartenders that regularly class themselves as the best bar tenders on the island.

This competition is being held in association with The Maltese Bartenders Guilds and promises to be a great evening out with live entertainment and the well-loved banter from DJ hosts Jason and Oz. The panel of judges will also include international guests from both Bacardi Martini and Mixer srl.  The laid back surroundings of Xara Lodge in Rabat will serve as the perfect backdrop for cocktails, comedy and plenty of enjoyment. For further details please log onto or check out Bacardi Together Malta on Facebook.

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