Tuesday 23 April 2019

A celebration of ‘Raw’ simplicity

Absolute Raw by DAAA Haus is the title of an official Malta Design Week 2014 satellite event being held on Friday, 23 May.

The event is being held at the newly opened DAAA Haus gallery/workshop in Conception Street, San Gwann, which itself has intentionally been decorated in a very raw, urban and understated style.

Absolute Raw by DAAA Haus is all about design that lets raw materials that were once hidden or used in the initial building process to become the focus – a celebration of ‘Raw’ simplicity.

Keith Pillow, DAAA Haus Design Director, describes ‘Raw’ as “a fashion statement with a social and eco conscience – using inexpensive, understated and often underutilised materials”. This is the concept that is fully embodied in the DAAA Haus gallery/workshop, which, as the name implies, hosts both the DAAA interior design and architecture studios, and a continuously changing gallery of materials and products.

During the event on 23 May, from 6-8 p.m., designers and architects will be available to discuss the trend in using stripped back, paired down styling and materials. It provides a platform enabling design professionals and art aficionados to discover current trends.

They will also have the opportunity to observe artist Matthew Micallef creating a sculpture out of a block of wood. The finished work will be on sale at the gallery with all proceeds going to a charitable cause decided by 808 foundation.

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