Saturday 25 May 2019

Protective boom deployed as precaution outside Pretty Bay after oil spill

Malta Freeport Terminals last night deployed a temporary protective boom outside Birżebbuġa’s Pretty Bay as a precautionary measure to protect bathers after a container was damaged and leaked crude corn oil into the terminal’s basin.

This incident occurred after the container was accidentally struck. 

An inspection has shown that the oil spill has not spread to bathing areas, but a spokesman said the Freeport is not taking any risks and has taken the decision to deploy the boom. 

“There is no danger to bathers and they can continue swimming with peace of mind,” a spokesperson for the Malta Freeport Terminals said.

The incident happened when the container was hit and the crude corn oil — which can serve as the refined raw material for margarine, salad and edible oil — leaked onto the quay and into the terminal.

This lightweight rapid response boom — a €30,000 investment by the Freeport last year — prevents any liquid from entering the bathing area and protects the sandy beach from any contamination. 

It will remain in place until the spill is cleared. 

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