Monday 10 August 2020

Malta Freeport takes prompt action to control spill 

Malta Freeport Terminals wishes to clarify media reports about a spillage from a container ship berthed at the Freeport in Birzebbuga. 

This incident occurred when a container being loaded onto the vessel Louisa Schultes was struck against a ‘cell guide’, causing it to discharge its contents. 

The Freeport took immediate action to address the spillage, deposing a ‘leaking trailer’ to control the discharge while at the same time deploying its spill response plan which involved placing a protective boom in the sea to prevent the spread of this liquid and starting a clean-up operation. 

It should be made clear that the contents were water soluble and there was no material inside the container that could be classified as ‘hazardous cargo’.

This operation was overseen by the Environment Resources Authority and no bathing areas in Birzebbuga were affected. The Civil Protection Department and Birzebbuga local council were also informed. 

The Freeport places high priority on protecting the environment and is investigating the causes of this regrettable incident to try and ensure there is no recurrence as well as taking measures to avoid similar spills in future.   

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