Monday 22 July 2019

Lidl to delist disposable plastic items by end of 2019

Lidl Malta to replace plastic plates, glasses and cutlery with sustainable alternatives by 2019.

Lidl Malta’s endeavor to delist disposable plastic items is part of a wider strategy to reduce the use of plastics by 20 percent until 2025. The company is taking its first actions towards this goal, with its first step being that of refraining from selling disposable plastic items such as disposable cups and glasses, plates and cutlery in its 8 stores across the country until the end of 2019. These items are to be replaced by products made of alternative and recyclable materials on which the company is currently working together with its suppliers. As a second step, Lidl also aims to dispense with and convert cutlery and drinking straws in the convenience and beverage sector. 

“We want to pursue a clear approach in our plastics strategy, which is:  avoid – reduce – recycle. By delisting disposable plastic items, we will avoid the use of plastic and thus contribute to an improvement of our plastics balance”, says Mark Farrugia, Regional Director at Lidl Malta. 

Lidl Malta plans to sell off those quantities that have already been purchased, and then to successively switch to alternative materials. This approach shall enable customers to continue having access to familiar products. 

Lidl Malta takes its responsibility towards the environment very seriously and strives to promote sustainability on a daily basis. As a company it is highly aware of the impact that its activities has and works towards reducing possible negative effects on the ecosystem through the use of technologies and ever more sustainable procedures. Regional Director Mark Farrugia claims: “We are working intensively on various concepts and will inform our customers successively about innovations and changes. Particularly in the packaging sector, there are many exciting possibilities that we are currently testing that can make a real difference”.

About the 360 degree plastics strategy of the Schwarz Group

As one of the world’s leading retailer, the Schwarz Group – of which Lidl and Kaufland are a part – is aware of its responsibility, particularly towards the environment, and exercises this responsibility. As part of a comprehensive 360 degree plastics strategy, the Schwarz Group develops measures and implements them worldwide. The plastics strategy aims to reduce the use of plastic and close cycles.


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