Tuesday 26 May 2020


ENGO FLIMKIEN GHAL AMBJENT AHJAR has launched its campaign to raise funds to appeal the PA approval of the dB group City Centre development.

“This decision is a blatant betrayal of all democratic principles, sustainability and holistic planning. More than 4500 objectors were completely ignored in a mad rush to approve a gargantuan project which benefits only the few. The unprecedented land grab was compounded by the Planning Authority’s decision. The horrific effects of even more traffic can only be mitigated by a phantom tunnel – which was not part of this application. The residents do not know when it will be built, how it will be built or even if it will be effective.

The looming tower and the disproportionately huge hotel building will cast shadows over residences, Natura 2000 sites and the sea. Pembroke’s green areas will be darkened by cold shadows and long distance views  and the St George’s Bay skyline lost forever. We are mere mortals but it does not mean that we have to be humiliated and disenfranchised by monster developments.We are residents but it does not mean we have to be routed from our homes. We are not speculators but it doesn’t mean we should be betrayed.

Flimkien Ghal Ambjent Ahjar stands with Pembroke, the Community and the Country. We will fight this injustice at every level. # A Cause Worth Fighting For #”

The next step is to appeal the Planning Authority’s obscene approval of this monstrosity. Appealing requires technical and legal expertise and is a time consuming and costly process. We cannot do it alone. We need the public’s support.

To donate to the ITS Appeal Fund:

Direct bank transfer:
BOV: A/c 400-1851-6481, (IBAN:MT03VALL22013000000040018516481)

Credit card:

Send to Flimkien ghal Ambjent Ahjar , 23 St Anne Street, Floriana 9012

When donating please make sure to state that the donation is for the ‘ITS APPEAL AND LEGAL CHALLENGE FUND’

If you wish to receive a receipt please make sure to include your name, postal address and ID Card.

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