Monday 22 April 2019

Vodafone mentors De La Salle boys on safety online

The ibrowsesafely team from Vodafone visited students at De La Salle College just before they went off on their Summer holidays and gave them a talk on online safety. The boys were given Vodafone Moshi Monster cards, cards to play with in their free time and to learn how to be safe online, an ibrowsesafely bracelet and a rules card for their parents. The boys were very keen to learn and shared their experiences especially on online games and the creation of profiles.

Vodafone has recently launched a website, together with a Facebook page solely dedicated to the ibrowsesafely campaign, were parents, grandparents and educators can stay updated with relevant information on how to keep children safe online. The website is the first online resource in Maltese and in English in Malta that ensures that all sections of the populations have access to the information.  Resources include information, statistics, a live blog by experts on all related subjects including a special section on persons with disability, blog entries by persons with disabilities, parents of children with disabilities as well as teenagers, speech and language pathologists and a host of others.

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