Monday 15 October 2018

Suds at the national JA-YE Trade Fair

Suds Team at FairSuds, a Young Enterprise company made up of seven students from the G.F. Abela Junior College, Msida, has introduced the environmentally friendly product ‘The Dishwand’, used to clean dishes in a more energy efficient way. Thanks to this product, which is new to the Maltese Islands, the company aims to fulfil their mission “to encourage the public to stop using their dishwashers” by providing this simple alternative.

Suds is currently taking part in the HSBC Company of the Year Award, a Junior Achievement-Young Enterprise competition. This voluntary organisation offers post-secondary students the opportunity to set up and run their own business. HSBC assists Young Enterprise both financially and in terms of expertise and consultancy by the bank’s staff to help young entrepreneurs develop their innovative ideas into concrete products that make business sense.

The JA-YE Trade Fair, held on 23 March, 2013, at The Point, Sliema, gave Suds an insight into how popular their product is – and what a success the day proved to be for them! Sales rocketed, with the company shifting their entire stock of 70 Dishwands for the day. In the process, the Suds team got a phenomenal first-hand experience of reaching out to the public.

Suds Managing Director Julian Naudi expressed satisfaction at the outcome of the event: “We promoted our stand on TV and through our Facebook page, Suds Malta. Besides being a personal learning experience, it was incredibly beneficial to the company since it managed to expand its reach considerably.”

Not only were sales made at the ‘Suds kitchen’ stand, but the public got a great opportunity to meet the team members, and learn more about the company, previous events and their progress throughout the competition. The team explained their mission, the benefits of the product as well as demonstrating how easy it is to use the Dishwand, without getting their hands and formal attire dirty!

The Dishwand incorporates an economical soap dispenser in the handle and a sponge with an abrasive pad at the end of the ‘wand’ into one efficient product. Open the cap at the bottom of the Dishwand’s handle, fill it with the dish washing liquid of your choice (this normally lasts about 10 days) and you’re ready to go. Soap emerges from the sponge depending on the pressure applied so you are in full control of the amount of liquid you use every time you wash up.

During the fair the team was assessed on product quality, general company administration, stand presentation and general interaction with customers by judges who remained anonymous since they acted as ordinary members of the public. This gave stronger impetus to the team members to further reinforce the company’s strong client orientation.

A short interview was also held by two judges, who introduced themselves, and the team briefed them on the processes adopted to run their company efficiently and smoothly.

Those interested in purchasing this product may contact the company either through their Facebook page: Suds Malta, by e-mail at [email protected] or by contacting the Managing Director on 79997045.

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