Friday 22 June 2018

HSBC Water Programme seeps down to local councils

HSBC Water Programme – Catch the Drop has inaugurated its first ever project featuring a Local Council in Malta after helping to repair a water culvert leading to a popular community recreational centre in Lija. So far, the three-year environmental and educational campaign had celebrated a number of water conservation projects at schools, making this project in Lija a first at the local council level in Malta. Seen in the picture are (from second left) HSBC Malta CEO Andrew Beane and (fifth left) Lija Local Council Mayor Magda Magri Naudi unveiling a plaque while joined by Lija councillors Dr Marc Sant and Lorraine Farrugia and two Lija kids. Project submission deadline to HSBC Water Programme – Catch the Drop for scholastic year 2015-16 is Friday 18th December 2015.

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