Thursday 20 June 2019

Graduations at The Institute of Family Therapy-Malta

The Institute of Family Therapy-Malta (IFT-Malta) recently celebrated the graduation of the second and third group of students who followed studies in Family Therapy with the Institute. A total of 18 students received their Post-Graduate Diploma in Systemic Family Psychotherapy after following a two-year period of training between 2011-2013 and between 2012 – 2014.

The evening which was held at The Waterfront Hotel, Sliema was introduced by a short speech from Dr Charlie Azzopardi who is founding Chairperson of IFT-Malta ad one of the Institute’s tutors. Dr Azzopardi described how the concept of IFT-Malta formed, grew and steadily developed over the years. Whilst describing key achievements, he thanked the other directors/tutors and external tutors for their collaboration and contributions over the years. Dr Azzopardi also thanked the numerous students who placed so much trust in the capabilities of the Institute to train them towards reaching this important achievement. On closing his address, Dr Azzopardi announced the name of the new Chairperson of IFT-Malta, Mrs Carmen Delicata.


During the course of the ceremony, the students made individual and group presentations reflecting their studies and experiences with IFT-Malta in relation to varied family-related aspects. After the presentation of the diplomas, IFT-Malta directors, graduands and their families closed the evening with a dinner.

IFT-Malta has recently welcomed its fifth group of students to train for their Post-Graduate Diploma in Systemic Family Psychotherapy and is preparing to welcome a sixth group in the coming months. The diploma is a two year course leading students on to further stages of training. IFT-Malta is currently also training a group of students in  Professional Training in Systemic Psychotherapy (Level 7).

Apart from offering training to professionals in Systemic Psychotherapy and related therapies, IFT-Malta also provides individual, group, and family psychotherapy; family mediation; family education to the general public; consultation to organizations and professionals in relation to clinical practice; clinical supervision to organizations and professionals in relation to clinical practice; systemic consultation to public or private organizations ; research on family related subjects; constant liaison with other institutions.

IFT-Malta is also committed to deliver education programmes for partners, spouses, and parents, children, schools and organizations to promote well-being in society, based on positive family and work environments, and a healthy balance between the two.

The Institute of Family Therapy-Malta is an Associate Member of the Training Institutes Chamber of the European Family Therapy Association and also an Institutional Member in Good Standing of the International Family Therapy Association.

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