Monday 20 May 2019

“Good sense prevailed”  says The Sense Group

It is worth taking note of the positive outcome of the end of the year festivities around the island, when it comes to the subject of the dangers of mixing alcohol with driving.

The welcome news of no fatalities or major accidents connected to drink driving, and the results of hundreds of police administering breathalyser tests and producing only a few cases of above limit alcohol consumption when many thousands were celebrating, shows that a strong common goal effort by all stakeholders, including the alcohol industry itself, has and will continue to reap rewards in the form of saving lives.

It also proves that a mix of credible educational campaigns and enforcement is the best formula to help the public understand and comply with the rules of common sense that everyone stands to benefit from.

Thousands of online hits on our website in 2013 leading up to last month are also evidence of the increasing interest the public has in maintaining an attitude of moderation when it comes to alcohol consumption. We hope this augurs well for the future.

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