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A Facebook election?

March 14, 2013 | 1 comment

As the source of where we get our news shifts from the mainstream media to the social media, Josanne Cassar […]

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A prison of our own making

February 21, 2013 | No comments

Playwright Edward Bond was instrumental in ending censorship in UK with his controversial play Saved, so it is not too surprising […]

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When it comes to friends and family – Do different politics really matter?

January 10, 2013 | 1 comment

During an election campaign, temperatures rise and arguments can get heated. But does this mean that friendships are ruined and […]

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The woman behind ‘Gladys’

November 19, 2012 | 1 comment

She has created one of the most memorable characters on prime TV – the brash, brassy Gladys on Deceduti.  But […]

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Ashes to ashes

November 8, 2012 | 1 comment

Does the thought of being buried six feet under freak you out? Would you prefer to be cremated instead? Although […]

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September 24, 2012 | No comments

This week The Malta Short Film Festival comes to a close with the award ceremony held at the Radisson Blu […]

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At your service

September 19, 2012 | 1 comment

Pictured above: Francesca, Moira and Sue: the three formidable ladies behind  Are you being served? Photo by Michael Camilleri  From […]

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Singing their song

September 17, 2012 | No comments

From stage fright to quirky rituals to rehearsing in the shower, Josanne Cassar speaks to a few  of this year’s […]

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September 11, 2012 | No comments

This week, the Malta Short Film Festival presents three  documentaries; which vary in theme and style but attempt to delve […]

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Introducing Dana McKeon…

September 7, 2012 | 2 comments

The idea of being a professional musician usually conjures the image of a singer or someone who plays a particular […]

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