Friday 23 August 2019

Some 500 grants awaiting car owners to switch to LPG

Some 500 owners can still convert their vehicle to autogas, have their fuel costs reduced, and also apply for the government grant scheme in this regard. Already around 200 petrol car owners have benefited from this scheme which closes at the end of 2014 or earlier if the maximum of 750 claims is reached.


A number of companies are authorised to offer these conversions. These include Acheck Ltd, in Mosta,  BRC Malta Ltd in Qormi, Green It in B’Kara, Michael Debono Ltd in Zebbug, Muscats Motors Ltd,  and Innovation Energy Malta Ltd in Msida.

AutoLiquigas, supplied by Liquigas Malta, is much cheaper than petrol or diesel. With the current selling price of AutoLiquigas in Malta at €0.73 per litre, it is half the price of unleaded petrol, and 46% cheaper than diesel. Car conversions are particularly cost effective for those car owners who use their vehicles daily while it also puts less strain on the car engine.

“As a market leader in Malta, Liquigas is fully committed to increase the use of LPG as a car fuel. We got a very good response from the market and it is therefore natural that we will be increasing the number of AutoLiquigas fuelling stations to serve more customers. This will continue to encourage prospective customers to switch over to AutoLiquigas, a more environmental friendly fuel as well as a more cost efficient system,” said Liquigas Malta CEO Mr Roberto Capelluto.

“As we see the increase in volumes, both of the number of conversion requests and of authorized conversion kits installers, we would like to send a clear message to the Maltese market: follow the lead of those Maltese consumers who have already understood the benefits of this source of alternative energy.”

Asked why one should convert vehicles to autogas, Mr Capelluto replied that road transport is also a major contributor to environmental pollution and climate change. “AutoLiquigas reduces what are known as Particulate Matter emissions with a positive impact on the health and well being of the population especially for those who live close to main roads and areas busy with traffic,” explained Mr Capelluto.

Converting a car to run on LPG will effectively turn it into a dual-fuel vehicle, allowing the driver to alternate between unleaded petrol and LPG at the flick of a switch on the dashboard. The conversion to autogas usually takes about two or three days, depending on the volume of work at the particular garage.



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