Monday 20 August 2018

New construction system launched

The EVG-3D® construction system was recently launched during a seminar  organised by J. M. Vassallo Vibro Blocks Limited at the Portomaso Suite of Hilton Malta.

The seminar was opened by Dr Michael Farrugia, Parliamentary Secretary for Planning and Simplification of Administrative Processes.

Raymond Vassallo, Managing Director of J.M. Vassallo Vibro Blocks, said the EVG-3D® construction system addresses issues like sustainability, eco-friendliness, environment friendliness, energy efficiency, and the reduction in health and safety risks at construction site, which the local construction industry faces.

The EVG-3D® panels are made with high ductility electro welded steel that is manufactured in Malta. Thanks to the use of innovative materials and systems, they ensure that buildings are more resistant to incidents of fire and seismic scenarios. Mr Vassallo explained the manufacturing process of the panels at the company’s factory in Zebbug.

He went on to appeal to government to consider subsidies for those who invest in energy efficient buildings: “While attractive subsidies have been extensively more concentrated on alternative energy systems, it is also true that with energy efficient buildings less energy would be required to warm or cool the building and hence subsidies on such buildings should reflect in a fair manner the extent of investment that the developer is making.”

The seminar was addressed by Klaus Ritter, President and Chief Executive Officer of EVG Austria, who gave some background on the history and future outlook of the EVG-3D® panel system; Christian Peheim, Head of Structural Engineers and EVG-3D® Consultants at EVG Austria, who gave a detailed presentation on the EVG-3D® construction technology; and Andrew Psaila, Executive Architect and Civil Engineer in J.M. Vassallo Vibro Blocks Limited’s Design & Technical Department who spoke on JMV’s technical support and assistance.

Other local speakers were Stephen Farrugia, President of the Kamra tal-Periti, on Improving the Energy Performance of the Local Construction Industry; Ruben Paul Borg of the Faculty for the Built Environment of the University of Malta on Sustainable Construction – Life Cycle Analysis of Construction Systems; David Xuereb, CEO of QP Management Ltd on Sustainable building systems… or GDP?; and Claude Farrugia, Director of Resolve Consulting Ltd, on EVG-3D® – health and safety in construction, a comparable assessment.

 EVG-3D® construction system

The EVG-3D® Construction System is a cost-effective construction system offering a well proven building method using high strength, load bearing modular panels. The EVG-3D® Construction System consists of panels with a layer of galvanised mesh on either side of an Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) core, welded together by galvanised steel diagonals (trusses) which penetrate through the EPS core. The panels are joined in the desired configuration on site and sprayed with concrete to form a sandwich type construction.

Strength and rigidity of the panels result from the diagonal truss wires welded to the cover mesh layers on each side of the panel combined with the concrete layers, thus ensuring the effective transfer of the shear forces for a full composite behaviour. Lateral forces are absorbed most effectively by the EVG-3D® shear walls. The EVG-3D® Building System provides a robust system that has a high resistance to hard and soft body impacts likely to be associated with normal residential and commercial use situations. The EVG-3D® Construction System will remain durable and serviceable for at least 50 years.

All EVG-3D® components meet the requirements of the relevant building codes and International Standards.



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