Saturday 16 February 2019


After the excellent sales performance of Phase 1 of Pendergardens, 46 apartments in Block 16 were released on the market on plan in late November 2012. It is now also  launching over 970 sq mtrs of double height commercial space along it’s frontage with St. Andrews Road in St. Julian’s. To date, preliminary agreements have already been signed on 40% of the properties. ”We expected the interest shown in the apartments, but the take up to date has surpassed all our expectations” CEO Peter Diacono, said.

Phase 1 of Pendergardens is made up of 150 apartments built around a spacious, landscaped, private, central ‘Piazza’ with 2 floors of residential car parking below. With all these apartments sold, Pendergardens is already a vibrant neighbourhood and together with the local community it boasts of purchasers from a further 18 different nationalities. These are also complemented by a number of tenants who rent apartments at Pendergardens.

Block 16 will complete the development around the ‘Piazza’ and the 46 apartments will be of varying sizes and outlook.  There are 10 one bedroom apartments of between  63 and 95 square metres,  18 attractive two bedroom, of which 2 are duplexes, and 18 three bedroom units of which 16 are innovative duplexes, and include 2 very well appointed penthouses with south facing terraces with pools. Michael De Maria the Sales and Marketing Manager confirmed that “All apartments will be sold finished to the same high level now expected at Pendergardens, and all units will have the choice of using either electricity or gas for cooking and water heating. On site LPG storage tanks will feed the respective units that opt for the alternative green energy.”

What is also particularly interesting in the makeup of Block 16 is the availability of 5 shops of sizes varying from 30sq mt to 205 sq mt. Located on the main St. Andrews Road they offer maximum visibility and should attract a mix of retail activity that will eventually be supplemented with additional outlets in Phase 3, beneath the Towers and Block 17. Three of the shops have more than enough head room to install a mezzanine level and increase floor space. The extensive glazing to be used on the facade of the shops give them a modern feel and greater flexibility for individual interior use and design.

As with all of Pendergardens, Block 16 also falls under L.N. 210 of 2007 when it was granted ‘Special Designated Area’ status, facilitating purchase by non Maltese nationals.

For anyone  interested in viewing the plans and discussing possibilities please contact Michael De Maria at the Sales Office on 2248 8600 or at [email protected] to make an appointment, Plans and further details are also be available on the website

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