Monday 25 May 2020

MDA Supports More Open Public Spaces

The Malta Developers Association welcomes the Government’s decision to enlarge the Ta’ Qali National Park by practically doubling its size, and the creation of another new park in Birezebbugia, on land that was previously earmarked for an extension of the Malta Freeport.

Apart from these substantial areas being converted into large parks, MDA also feels that smaller open spaces within urban confines, to provide much needed ‘lungs’ in developed urban areas are also essential.

For this possibility to become a reality, the Association of Developers feels that a concerted effort is needed, and therefore suggests the setting up of a committee in which the Government, environmental NGOs and developers represented by MDA, can collaborate to find solutions for making such areas in developed localities a feasible reality. This committee would also involve the relative Local Councils when making suggestions and ensure that landowners are adequately compensated for land that may need to be taken up, if this is the case.

MDA has been insisting on forward planning to improve the quality of life for everyone and strongly believes that open spaces in our urban environment would go a long way to achieve this.

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