Friday 19 July 2019

MDA denies floor area ‘reassignment’will be from urban cores and UCAs

The Malta Developers Association (MDA) categorically denies that it has proposed to ‘reassign’ building volumes from urban cores and UCAs to further facilitate construction in other locations, as has been alleged by an eNGO.

What the MDA has proposed is that in other urban areas, outside urban cores and UCAs.where the pre-2006 height relaxation extended to four floors and a penthouse, it is prepared to create a balance so that the heights of these formerly two-storey buildings will be retained and transferred to other areas where height limitation is not an issue.

This is solely in the interest of the country to keep the identity of certain towns and villages. To suggest that the MDA wishes to any way tamper with urban cores, UCAs and rural areas outside development zones is totally incorrect.

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