Tuesday 21 May 2019

MDA condemns all illegal pressure on Planning Authority 

The Malta Developers Association has taken note of the action of a number of activists who managed to undermine a public meeting of the Planning Authority during which an application for a petrol station was to be discussed.

MDA believes that issues such as this one should not lead to any illegal pressure on PA board members. Whatever the issue, all decisions need to be taken in serenity without any type of pressure.

MDA has always condemned developers who take the law in their hands and believes that the rule of law should apply to everybody. In this sense, MDA condemns also the way these activists acted, while recognising their right to protest and have their voices heard. The manner in which these activists behaved excluded the possibility of a fair hearing about the development application being considered.

MDA reminds everybody that it had not agreed with the policy proposed for petrol stations when this was open for public consultation while others did not realise how detrimental this policy would be to the environment.

While agreeing that some policies, including that on petrol stations, should be revised, MDA feels that one has to consider as well the rights of those who invest money in property and apply for development according to existing policies to ensure that there is no discrimination or injustice in their regard. 

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