Sunday 19 May 2019

MDA appeals to minister to grant transition period

The Malta Developers Association refers to the sudden, unilateral decision taken by the Planning Authority to introduce a hefty increase in the contributions made by applicants of developments that do not provide the number of parking places indicated by its policies.
MDA is not against discouraging applicants from refraining to provide the necessary parking spaces and understands that such a motivation is justified. At the same time, it deplores the fact that this decision was taken without any consultation with interested parties.
MDA notes that these contributions are being levied indiscriminately – even when sites do not allow for parking areas, such as sites where rock excavation is not allowed for heritage reasons, restricted sites and sites with levels that are very near mean sea level. In these cases, the decision not to provide parking is motivated by circumstances beyond the developer’s control and therefore contributions for lack of parking provision should take this fact into consideration.
MDA notes also that the Planning Authority has been for many years levying contributions to offset the lack of parking provision and these funds have never been used for the purpose they were collected, i.e. the provision of public parking spaces in the areas where there is an evident need for them. This failure on the part of the Planning Authority should be addressed immediately.
In the circumstances, MDA appeals to the Planning Authority and to the Minister concerned to allow for a transitory period before these new levies are charged so that developers who have made commitments through existing agreements with property owners are given the chance to apply for development and be charged at the old rates.

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