Tuesday 17 September 2019

ISL to provide Skillsoft® eLearning programmes to Corinthia Hotels

Information Systems Limited have signed an agreement with Corinthia Hotels for the provision of Skillsoft’s award-winning Leadership Advantage™ and Professional Advantage™ eLearning programmes to their managerial and supervisory staff internationally.
Over 250 managers and supervisors now have access to a blended yet structured mix of this world-class leadership and management content. This combines face-to-face live training and events with access to books, videos, simulations and summaries, Q&As and mentoring through the web via a single portal on a 24x7x365 basis.
According to Franco Valletta, Corinthia’s Group Chief Officer – Organisation Development & HR, this is part of the Hotel group’s strategy to give access to flexible and easily accessible modes of learning in the areas of leadership and management: “This further demonstrates our ongoing commitment to invest in the development of our colleagues.
“Participants’ feedback to date on the quality of the learning material, the user-friendly technology, the quality of tutors/speakers and the range of modules has been very encouraging. We have successfully blended Skillsoft’s online material with our workshop-based and in-presence programmes as part of the completion of Corinthia Hotels’ management and supervisory certificates.”
Mr Valletta added: “I would encourage any company interested in the development of its people via a targeted, focused and cost-effective learning medium to seriously consider introducing Skillsoft’s programmes in their educational and training repertoire.”
Simon Calleja-Urry, Director of ISL, said: “With over 7,000 local Skillsoft users, ISL pioneered the eLearning evolution on the island. With Corinthia Group now joining the fast-growing community, the future of eLearning as a complimentary modality is clearly showing signs that local business organisations are looking towards scalable and convenient access to learning content.
“Learning on tap from anywhere, any time has never been easier, more convenient and cost-effective. We look forward to many years of working with such a prestigious international hotel group.”
Skillsoft Leadership Advantage™ provides leadership learning tracks that leverage top business executives and industry minds in a variety of formats to meet learners’ needs. The content features videos of some of the world’s most revered executives, presentations by leading business authors and speakers, and summaries of bestselling books.
Skillsoft Professional Advantage™ builds a workplace of empowered, productive workers by offering busy professionals access to short, flexible learning resources that focus on key workplace competencies. Targeted learning tracks provide a suggested flow for each topic and offer flexible choices of a variety of durations and modalities.
In a recent study for Skillsoft, KnowledgeAdvisors found that Skillsoft learning provides high applicability, direct business impact, increased employee confidence and increased value over time regardless of a company’s size, geography, industry or length of experience with learning.

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