Saturday 16 February 2019

HSBC Yes 4 Students reaches out to youth in Malta and Gozo

Following a busy week at the University of Malta, HSBC Malta Yes 4 Students stands are being set up at MCAST, Higher Secondary, and ITS. The stands offer students a fun and friendly way of learning about HSBC financial packages designed specifically for secondary and tertiary students.

“We have received a great response from students choosing HSBC Yes 4 Student packages for a more secure and successful future,” said Brian Tortell, HSBC Malta’s Head of Marketing. “Signing up for an HSBC YES 4 Students financial package is an important step for students. This package offers students a range of tailored services, preferential rates, and specialised assistance designed to help them keep their finances under control, for the long-term.”

HSBC Malta, in partnership with SCAN Malta, offers a vast range of gifts to complement the HSBC Yes 4 Students financial packages. All students who open an HSBC Yes 4 Student account before 31st October 2013 receive a 4GB USB 2.0 pendrive, while students who direct their stipends into a YES 4 account are eligible for a variety of gift options, some completely free.

Free gift options include a case for tablets, a mobile phone bluetooth headset, Sennheiser headphones, iPod/iPhone/iPad speakers, and a laptop cooler stand. Special offers at highly discounted rates include a Dual Core 7” Android 4.1 Tablet for €95, a 500GB mini External hard drive for €30, an iPad keyboard for €70, an eBook reader for €60, and a Fuji Camera (14MP/x24 Opt) for €120. Students who apply for an account via internet will receive a USB universal battery charger for smartphones.

More information from, Customer Service on 2380 2380, or any HSBC branch in Malta.

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