Sunday 17 February 2019

HSBC Malta evaluates flexible hours for better work-life balance

The many benefits of flexible work arrangements for businesses and employees alike were explored during an employee development session organised as part of HSBC’s Diversity and Inclusion Awareness month. This was conducted by psychologists and training consultants Patrick Psaila and Dr Beverly Cutajar (pictured above) from ThinkTalent Ltd, who tackled the various business benefits of having more flexible working conditions.

“The notion of flexible working resulted from the necessity of achieving a better work and life balance, which is crucial for employees’ wellbeing,” explained Mr Psaila. “Globally, more and more companies are realising that it pays them to have flexible working arrangements. As a strategy, flexibility gives companies added value by allowing them to have and retain the best talent available. Moreover, this way, employees are out in the world more and open to input and inspiration as they work flexible hours to fit in their needs and responsibilities.”

HSBC Malta evaluates flexible working for better work-life balance - 01

Other benefits for companies and employees include reduced sick leave and less stress-related illness, increased physical exercise and energy and increased control over work thus resulting in improved health and well-being. Flexible working also encourages a diverse workforce.

Participants were shown a video with testimonials from companies that have fully embraced flexibility, underlining the role of technology in facilitating more flexible work arrangements.

Dr Beverly Cutajar engaged HSBC employees in focus groups and discussed the diverse ways in which flexible working could benefit the Bank. Feedback from these exercises was then discussed as a group.

HSBC Malta Diversity and Inclusion month, organised annually, involves an extensive programme of activities and initiatives to help further diversity and inclusion throughout the Bank.

More information about HSBC’s Diversity and Inclusion initiatives, as well as its corporate sustainability activities, is available online at

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