Friday 22 February 2019

HSBC Malta and EY organise seminar to support corporates

HSBC Bank Malta and EY Malta jointly organised an exclusive event on the latest European Central Bank (ECB) guidance entitled the ‘Implementation of the ECB Guidance on Leveraged Transactions’.

The purpose of this seminar was to assist corporate customers at better understanding the requirements around certain financial exposures related to the use of borrowed funds to finance assets, known as leverage. The goal of this very well attended seminar was that of preparing these business customers for the eventual implementation of said guidelines.

The information session commenced with an introductory address by HSBC Malta Head of Corporate Banking, Kevin Rapinett, in which he gave an overview of the ECB guidance and the proactive approach being taken by HSBC to ensure it is implemented in the most practical manner possible for the benefit of its corporate customers.

This was followed by a presentation from EY Malta Banking Advisory Services Associate Partner, Grace Camilleri, in which she explained to the audience, most of whom were Chief Financial Officers, the technical requirements required by this guidance and other practical recommendations on how best to prepare for it.

HSBC Malta Head of Commercial Banking, Michel Cordina, concluded the session by thanking all those who attended and said: “HSBC believes in the importance of investing in such thought leadership events and is pleased to support its customers by bringing the latest information about developments in the financial services industry to the attention of businesses in Malta.”

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