Wednesday 19 September 2018

Dallas Baptist University MBA students in FranklinCovey Malta case study

Pictured above: Dr Toni McNutt (first from right) with the three groups of MBA students of Dallas Baptist University  

Three teams of MBA students at Dallas Baptist University in the United States were given a task as part of their Creative Problem Solving Unit to use Franklin Covey Malta as their case study.

The 24 students, tutored by Dr Toni McNutt, Professor of Marketing within DBU’s College of Business, were originally meant to visit Malta as part of their unit but, unfortunately, due to logistic issues, the trip had to be called off.

Still, the students exchanged several e-mails with the two directors of FranklinCovey Malta and last Saturday made their presentations via GoToMeetingTM, with the two directors virtually in attendance.

The challenge was for the students to come up with a strategy to enable FranklinCovey Malta to find a way to penetrate a small market providing a top quality product and service that would enable the firm to double its business in three years and triple the business in five years.

Among the solutions outlined in the three presentations were tie-ups with educational institutions, advertising campaigns, engaging an industry-specific salesperson, hospitality events, developing the on-line experience chain and using Internet clips.

Dr McNutt said the students had put a lot of effort in the unit and was satisfied with some of the solutions offered, commenting: “I hope you are able to use some of the recommendations presented. The students become very invested in these projects and take pride in their work.”

The directors of FranklinCovey Malta, Malcolm and Jimmy Naudi, were impressed with the quality and depth of detail of the presentations. “We will certainly be studying the many useful and insightful recommendations of the DallasBaptistUniversity students and we intend to update them on the successful outcome of their suggestions as they become a reality,” Malcolm Naudi said.





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