Saturday 16 February 2019

MDA clarifies its position on ODZ, FAR policies

The Malta Developers Association wishes to clarify the difference between its position on the proposed FAR (Floor Area Ratio) policy and that on the proposed ODZ (Outside Development Zone) policy.

The MDA has, in fact, submitted a detailed and studied proposal to MEPA regarding the FAR policy. This proposal can be accessed on the MDA website and is available to anyone wishing to peruse it. It is in the light of its own proposal that the MDA considers the published draft FAR policy as too restrictive.

On the other hand, MDA has not submitted any proposal regarding the draft ODZ policy and it believes that the limits of development should not be extended.

The MDA’s comments regarding the draft ODZ policy were only meant to explain that, contrary to what is being said by some, these proposed policies do not in any way encourage developers to invest in new development in ODZ areas.

The MDA reiterates that it has not changed its position against further development in ODZ areas, except for agriculture and tourism.

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