Wednesday 20 June 2018

HSBC Malta provides hearty purpose to community builders

HSBC Malta employees, both current and former, now have more ways to enjoy meaningful social work after the Bank added a slew of new organisations and locations to its already extensive list of volunteering opportunities.
HSBC Malta has put in place a Voluntary Leave Day programme which enables employees to take a paid day off of work and effect positive change in the community. Employees are also offered a list of places to volunteer at, and even encouraged to propose a site of their choice for further consideration. In 2015, a total of 315 days were taken for volunteering, or equivalent of 7,650 hours.
Even the former employees of the Bank have joined hands to bring together their social activities under of HSBC Malta Foundation. The initiative, ‘Experience in Action’, currently has 22 active members with more registrations on the way. The members say that even in retirement the values of service to the community that HSBC developed in them during their time with the Bank inspires them to keep on giving back.
The latest entrants into the improved list of volunteering opportunities are a variety of Heritage Malta sites, including National Museum of Archaeology and other museums ran by it, Ħaġar Qim Visitor Centre, St Paul’s Catacombs, Ġgantija Temples (Gozo), as well as sites under the management of Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna, including Fort Rinella – Kalkara, The Malta at War Museum – Vittoriosa, The Saluting Battery – Valletta, and Lascaris War Rooms – Valletta. Existing opportunities at and with Botanic Gardens, Notarial Archives, Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malti, Nature Trust, WaterAid Network Speaker, and the HSBC Water Programme – Catch the Drop remain in place.
HSBC Malta CEO Andrew Beane said: “Volunteering is a cornerstone of HSBC’s commitment to the community. Our revamped Voluntary Leave Day features a wide variety of volunteering opportunities ranging from office administration, giving a presentation or manual work in any area in which we focus our commitment: that is disadvantaged children, heritage and environment.”

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Those who volunteer maintain that they find personal fulfilment but also take pride in making a difference. When the Bank’s Insurance Operations team spent their Volunteer Leave day at St Angela House, Pieta, the nuns were positively moved.
“Sr Michaela and other nuns were overwhelmed with our donation of storage boxes and detergents, and extended the invitation to other HSBC departments to spend their Voluntary Leave Day at their home,” recalled Beverly Chircop St John.

While volunteering to setup tents and stalls for an Open Week held at Argotti Botanical Gardens, a retiree of HSBC Malta, Martin Scicluna said: “The act of offering time to a community, cause or organisation is often a very personal decision. We are here because we are led by the HSBC value of being useful citizens but also to share our expertise and time with the community.”
Because of the value the ex-HSBC employees possess, plans are now afoot to study the utilising of retirees’ experience in mentoring younger employees in the Bank.

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