Saturday 25 May 2019

HSBC improves Fusion service for small business owners

Following a successful launch in Malta last year, HSBC is now making its Fusion proposition event better by adding a range of class-leading services and financing offers. The latest campaign is designed to offer small business owners greater clarity, support and expert advice in the face of the day-to-day challenges they encounter.

Eligible customers can benefit from a number of time-saving features under the ‘Lifeview’ part of the proposition. This gives them access to a dedicated banker and a single sign-on to free online and mobile banking, where they can see both their personal and business accounts.

Customers can also access some great offers and products to help them manage their money and cash flow, such as zero per cent interest on overdrafts for six months, and 4.99% fixed interest rate on business loans for up to seven years. They can also apply for a free Business Debit Card and an optional Business Credit Card that carries rewards against spend.

In Malta, 97 per cent of companies are considered small businesses, providing employment to 34 per cent of the workforce and contributing 25 per cent to the country’s gross domestic product. In October 2017, Malta became the first country in the HSBC Group to introduce Fusion to the market. The service is designed for business owners with an annual turnover of up to €1 million and borrowing needs of up to €100,000.

Daniel Robinson, Head of Retail Banking and Wealth Management at HSBC Malta, said: “Small businesses are a result of personal drive, motivation and aspirations. With Fusion we wanted to make a clear commitment to this market, that we understand the challenges they face and so create a proposition that can support them. The offers we are launching now, build on this and offer our customers even more options and value.”
More information about HSBC Fusion can be found by visiting any HSBC branch and speaking to the bank’s trained specialists, via the dedicated number 2380 2389, or by visiting

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